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  1. Hi.

    Living in Victoria, doing theatre, trying to make sense of storytelling, how to express it effectively in this mediated world. Wanting both the rough and the sublime. Good times. Let’s coax BC into an epicentre. Nice blog.

  2. Hello Next Stage
    I was just on the toilet, thinking about theatre and I thought, “I am a part of the next stage. My feet have walked the walk of many a theatre before me and my eyes see clearly a new way forward. The next stage has been sitting in a drawer, a dream for over five years. It becomes more real every day. To me, for me, it’s the obvious next stage. And it’s a dream evolving out here in New York City which has become a cultural wasteland a shadow of its former self, with little property to play in. The theatre scene here is a joke with a few beautiful blossoms every year. So … from the bathroom I sat here at my computer and typed in “the next stage” into my google search and here we are. I love it. Vancover makes me miss my days in San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago where the small theatre company is supported by audiences willing to go for the ride. There are more benefits and grant proposals out here than plays. There are more 10-Minute Play Festivals than I care to count. —
    My question is this: can this forum, could this forum actually be a place where the people who like to make seriously fun theatre can muse about the future of the form?

    I want to blog with y’all. What does that mean? Where do I sign up?

    Seriously folks,

    Eric Wallach
    New York City

  3. Hey Eric, thanks for the note, it truly made my day. You sound like a natural for theatre blogging, there’s still lots of room in this particular sandbox. There’s a ton out of New York, and all across the States. Not so many here in Canada, but that’ll change. Have a dive into the candy store of theatre blogs that is Theatreforte (link), it’ll give you all the info you need. Just check out how big the New York blog list is. I’ll warn you though, it may blow your mind with theatre musing overload.

    And send me the link when you start your blog!


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  5. Hi Simon,

    Please list My Theatre Company Society under Vancouver Companies. I can place a link back to in exchange. We are a new theatre company in Vancouver. We have been around for a little bit over a year and now we are producing our third production of the company and first professional production called “A Beautiful Woman is an Unfortunate Life” in Oct 22-26, 2008. It is a Chinese Comedy done in English played by a male and a female in 6 different characters. Directed by Colleen Lanki, Starring Minh Ly and Mary Phan.

    Mary Phan
    Artistic Director,
    My Theatre Company Society

  6. Hi Simon, been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I was shocked to see myself added to your blogroll.

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful site. I think a lot of what applies to Vancouver applies to every other theatre city in Canada.



  7. Theatrefest
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Submissions are being accepted for Theatrefest May 23 – 31, 2009 and July 11 – 19, 2009. May festival deadline: April 23, 2009. July Festival deadline: May 11, 2009.

    The festival was created to give companies and performers the opportunity to stage their shows affordably (all participating companies receive a venue by donation) while providing Vancouver audiences with more live performing arts and entertainment. Check or for an application form and further info.

    Script submissions are being accepted from writers. The winning script will receive a free spot and production assistance in Theatrefest July 11-19, 2009. Send your submissions to Deadline: May 11, 2009.

  8. Hi Simon,

    I just got sent a link to J. Kelly Nestruck’s Blog in which he asked fellow Twitterers to list their favourite Canadian plays and to my shock and surprise you had Dickens of the Mounted listed at the top! I gotta say, that made my day, thank you so much for remembering the amazing journey Brad Lepp and I had with that production. Its been a slow year with this recession and its things like this that keep you going. Please keep doing what you do, its so important.

    Happy Belated Canada Day.


    Kris Bruun

  9. Hello Next Stage,

    Your list of interviewees, while all are scintillating I’m sure, is mighty white!

    Perhaps you could do your part to reflect back to Vancouver the fabulous diversity we see most everywhere else in our tawny city.

    On behalf of All of us, thanks!

    Veteran Vancouver Theatre practitioner

  10. Following up to see how the move to Vic is treating you? You working behind the wood anywhere? Hope all is well bud, I will no doubt be moving back there with the wife soon!

  11. Hey Simon,

    My friend Tammy and I talked to you often at The Loden-while drinking your famous martinis! (I’m the l awyer/novelist; she’s the knock-out.)

    I’d love to get our 21-year old son a package of acting lessons for Christmas. I know it’s very last minute, but can you help? I’d be sooo grateful, as I haven’t a clue where to begin.
    Take care, and I hope you’re doing brilliantly. Joan

  12. Hi Simon,

    I’d love to talk to you about launching my debut novel, Entangled, on the internet.

    Please email me, and let’s plan a time to get together.

    If you’re not an “uber-social-network publicist” in your own right, I’d be grateful for the name(s) of brilliant people you might recommend in this regard.

    Best, Joan (and Tammy) from The Loden

  13. Theatre la Seizieme is pleased to present Au champ de mars from November 16 to 19, 2011. This satirical comedy about the effects of war is a weapon of mass entertainment (Le Devoir) that may change your most strongly held opinions on the subject.
    Playwright Pierre Michel Tremblay tackles this difficult subject with crushing realism but always with compassion and great humour.Tickets : $24 27 at 604 736 2616. Student rush $8 before the show.
    When : November 16 19 novembre, 8pm.
    Where : Studio 16 1545, 7th Avenue West, Vancouver

  14. A unique series of forums and readings by and for queer actors will be presented at the Vancouver Film School on Saturday afternoons, July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th by the Queer Arts Society as part of the Queer Arts Festival. Three forums will each feature a critically recognized actor, who will share their experiences, insight, challenges, and triumphs. Some attendees will then have the chance to share the stage with the pros in a reading of a recent classic Canadian queer play.
    Q – Actors Connecting – a unique opportunity to seek advice and be inspired – for queer actors.
    1 pm to 4 pm Saturdays, July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th. Location: Vancouver Film School, 420 Homer St., Vancouver. By donation. To reserve a seat email:

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